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who am I ?

My name is AZEZO, I am originally from Africa precisely from Benin (the cradle of the voodoo) and have been practicing African Voodoo magic for over thirty years.

These powers have been passed on to me in a hereditary way, from generation to generation. I made several trips to the African continent, to meet other traditional healer priests, which allowed me to perfect my knowledge of sacred ancestral rituals. This magic takes its source on the African continent, and from there spread throughout the world.
My spells and rituals are clean and undetectable. There is no shock back in my practices. Discretion is assured.

Love Spells
Why choose me



I was fortunate to inherit a great gift, which comes from my family, from generation to generation. I was then able to develop my capacities to communicate with the spirits, thanks to a prolonged contact within the forest. I have made many trips to several African countries, and met Shamans who have given me an irreplaceable experience. I master close communication with the four groups of spirits, each specialized in their fields of activity: the spirits of water, earth, air and fire.


I wanted to surround myself with a team of confirmed collaborators, whom I selected myself in the country, in Africa, and who come together for their know-how in complementary fields of action. This gives me tremendous momentum and a very powerful intervention force, which allows me to obtain excellent results. This whatever the nature of your case or its complexity, of all types such as: Return of the loved one, spells of love, bewitchments of love, bewitchment-exorcism, occult protection, purification of places and dwellings, development business, etc. In some difficult cases, if necessary, I travel with you to do the work there, in Africa.


Your African priest practices voodoo magic, black magic, red magic, white magic, moon, sun and star magic. Voodoo is a very powerful magic. Many people think that voodoo magic or black magic is used to do evil, when it depends on how it is used. We cannot generalize, saying that white magic is used to do good, and black magic is used to do evil. In these magics, there are options, like recipes, which can be used either to do good or to do evil; it all depends on how you use it.


During my work, in the case of love spells for example, the spouse will detect absolutely nothing, and will not suspect that you have used my rituals.


Before engaging in any ritual, I clearly discuss with the client and study his case, in order to determine which type of magic best corresponds to the desired goal. The agreement to start the work will be done by email or by phone (whatsapp). I reserve the right to refuse a job if the objective does not correspond to my ethics.

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